Service Update


You may be aware we had delays with some order over recent months. Orders up to 3rd week of February were affected. The issue was mainly due to customs, but also due to Royal Mail being hacked and disallowing imported mail to the UK. We tried our best to do everything we could to speed up the process once we identified the problem. Customers were kept informed, and although deliveries took a while longer than we anticipated, no one was at a loss. We fulfilled delivery to all customers affected. In a small minority of cases, due to customs losses, refunds we issued. Very few orders are still outstanding, and we continue to work daily to resolve these issues. Please allow us to resolve for you if you are still waiting.

Understandably, some customers are unhappy, and a minority left us negative feedback. If you are considering doing this please first allow us resolve the matter. Generally, those who left negative feedback did so before the conclusion of the matter – just before they received their order, or were refunded. As a result we are left with bad reviews which do not truly or fairly reflect the experience.

In the end, we always put these matters right. Hurting our reputation does no good for anyone.

Exporting goods from Thailand is like no other Asian country. There are strict measures in place for exports, and security has become more stringent since the legalisation of cannabis in Thailand in 2022.

We could have handled this problem better, and you may feel that the negativity is warranted. While we agree some of it is, some of it is not.

Since the customs issue we have taken action to prevent this from happening again. We have changed our distributor, and have had to invest heavily to do this. The system is more reliable, efficient, and professional. You will be able to track your orders from a few days after ordering and you will have better delivery times than ever before.

We are always learning and with mistakes comes improvement. Our business has not been possible without your continued support. We want to thank you for this from the bottom of our hearts and we hope to provide you with an ever-improving service for many years to come.

The Team
DP Retro