Problems Shipping to Ireland

In recent months we’ve had problems with orders shipped to Ireland. AN Post have been returning packages to us for “insufficient electronic customs declarations”.

We raised this issue with Thai Post and have been assured that electronic customs declarations have been submitted correctly in accordance with AN Post requirements as outlined on their website, yet packages were still returned to us.

We have double checked with Thai Post and other agencies that we have been doing this correctly and they see no problem. Irish customers have assisted us by obtaining information from AN Post on the reasons for not accepting packages. Again, we checked thoroughly that we provided all the information necessary. 

We send daily to EU countries and Ireland is the only country we have had issues with. We have tried 2 methods of posting – both through our dispatch agency, and through Thai Post directly. We tried everything we could to resolve this issue.

Regretfully we can no long ship to Ireland. 

Sorry to Ireland customers. It is a shame for all concerned because we have shipped to Ireland frequently. Hopefully in future we can resume this.